NECA Chapter Staff

National Electrical Contractors Association, San Diego Chapter was chartered in 1942, and today continues to guide and support the Electrical Contractors that "Light Up San Diego" with an elected Board of Directors and a full-time professional staff.

Andy Berg
Executive Director
Karen Prescott-Loeffler
Director of Gov Relations
Economic Development
Ashley Berg
Marketing & Social Media Specialist
Linda Gomez
Financial Executive Assistant

NECA Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Governor: Robert W. Davies, Jr., Davies Electric
President: Robert W. Friar, Jr., Chula Vista Electric
Vice President: Clint E. Morgan, National Electric Works
Treasurer: Craig A. Earley, Morrow-Meadows Corporation
VP At Large: Brian J. Hudak, HMT Electric

• Ted N. Baker, Baker Electric

• Timothy A. Dudek, Saturn Electric
• Timothy R. McBride, Southern Contracting Co.

• Brian J. Morales, Pro-Cal Lighting Inc.

• Phillip W. Petersen, Dynalectric Company
• Peter E. Spencer, Audio Associates


• Kent N. Baker, Baker Electric

• Thomas L. Hedges, Morrow-Meadows

• Richard W. McBride, Southern Contracting Company

• David A. Raspolich, Dynalectric Company

• Earl C. Restine, Jr., Fuller Electric - District IX VP